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Many of the company’s fragrances are signature scents formulated by the company’s owner. Each product/item will highlight what each fragrance is intended to promote and/or a single word which best describes the scent itself. The specific essential oils and/or fragrances used are kept as a trade secret of the company, but it has been said that the descriptions provided are a great applicable match.

The scents listed below are not all of the company’s signature scents but are the most used across the company’s product lines. 

Signature Scents: The following scents are used in a variety of products throughout the company’s line.

  1. “CoCoNilla” – Emits a fragrance that is both sweet and warm.
  2. “Distinguished” – Emits a fragrance that includes a light musk aroma and is rich, sexy, and warm.
  3. “Energetic Rise” – Emits a fragrance that is citrus-based, evoking an energetic and invigorating feeling.
  4. “Lavender Peace” – Emits a fragrance that was created to help promote relaxation.
  5. “Melt Away” – Emits a fragrance that is intended to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation.
  6. “Renewed Breath” – Is a mint-based scent that was created to soothe and rejuvenate.
  7. “Romantic Oasis” – Is a floral-based scent that was created to promote the feel of relaxing, escaping, and unwinding.
  8. “Sacred Temple” – Is a rich, warm, and luxurious scent.
  9. “Sweet Luxury” – Emits a fragrance that is perceived as: exotic, sexy, rich, with a hint of fruit.
  10. “Sweet Tropics” – Emits a fragrance that is warm and fruity.
  11. “Tropical Sunset” – Is a citrus-based scent that was created to help awaken the senses with something fruity and light.

Although some of the product lines may not contain some of the preceding scents, the company does offer “customized” fragrances for only a 15% additional charge.  The only products the company offers at this time to be customized are the:  Body & Massage Oils, Hand & Body Sugar Scrubs, Hair Shampoos, Hair Conditioners, and Reed Diffusers.  If you would like any of the previously mentioned products customized to any other of our “Signature Scents” mentioned in the list above, you must contact us for that special request and to make your payment.  For the other available products, the company does provide a collection that was created to appeal to a variety of people, and to fulfill a variety of moods.  Any signature scents that are not displayed on a category/product page but are available for “made-to-order”/”customization”, the company displays such option on each category/product-line page. Reference the list above for the optional selection to choose from.  In addition, our “Seasonal” products are available out of season, but when ordered out of season they are “made-to-order” (fulfilled when the order is placed) and considered a customization therefore charged the additional cost for customization as mentioned above.

Last but not least, to ensure the quality of our products our company keeps a small quantity on-hand in order to provide our customers with quality ingredients and products that are fresh ensuring peak performance.

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